Welcome to The Law firm of Badr Alarishi

An experimented Law Firm

Thomas Hobbes once said “A man is a wolf to another man” (The Leviathan 1651), this is why in the course of the human history, tribes, communities, societies all over the world adopted laws to preserve the social peace, named by Jean Jacque Rousseau as the social contract (The Social Contract 1762).

Since ancient times, Laws have been set to preserve this social peace, going from the Ten Commandments, the Hammurabi Code, the French Napoleon Code to the Sharia Law, the rule of Law shall prevail and preserve the rights of the people.

Over centuries, judges and lawyers have done their utmost best to apply the rule of Law with integrity, equity, fairness and due care, preserving the rights for a fair trial, a due process and a right for a legal representation.

If in the history of the legal field in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Law firm of Badr Alarishi (the “Firm”) is quite a new actor, founded in 2012 by Mr. Badr Alarishi, the Firm became a major counselor in the city of Jeddah within such a short period of time.

After he has obtained a high legal education in London, Badr Alarishi completed successful trainings with some reputable law firms and multinational companies in London and Jeddah and came back to found this Firm. What differentiates Badr Alarishi law firm from other legal practices in Jeddah is its aim of becoming a pioneer in the legal field in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, this by practicing law as an Art.

Mr. Badr Alarishi believes that successful lawyers shall at all-time keep their professional ethics and values; they shall be driven by the principles of justice and fairness. He is confident that what makes the lawyers successful is their capabilities to listen, analyze, research and write.

Knowing that Clients entrust the Firm to defend their interests/rights (either as Plaintiffs, Defendants or in a Business Transaction), the Firm is fully aware that the above cumulative qualities allow the best defense of the Clients’ interests.

The Firm is a go to firm that can handle with professionalism and ethics any legal issue that has a nexus with the legal system of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In fact, being a multidisciplinary boutique law firm based in the city of Jeddah with strong internal professional principles, it brings together talented legal practitioners who master the Legal corpus of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; it is in fact a bridge between the economic actors in the Kingdom and the rest of the world thus facilitating the Foreign Direct Investors in the Kingdom towards the proper implementation of the Kingdom Vision 2030.