A pioneer local law firm that practices the law as an Art

The Law firm of Badr Alarishi stands apart when it comes to the practice of Law in the city of Jeddah. If its Partners and the legal Team “swear as lawyers, to perform their duties with dignity, conscience, independence, probity and humanity” the Firm endeavors to always practice the law for the sole satisfaction of its Client (A), in advising them and defending their rights/interests in all circumstances under the applicable Laws in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (B).

Mr. Badr Alarishi and the Art of practicing the Law

If Badr Alarishi law firm is the go to firm, it is because the Firm practices Law as an Art, with passion, dedication and strength. Ethics, Principles and Values being at the core of the “raison detre” of the Firm (1), pulling its strength in its diversified legal background of its lawyers (2).

When professional ethics is not negotiable for Mr. Badr Alarishi

As a representative of the Client, the Firm performs various functions.

It acts as an advisor, providing the Client with an informed understanding of its legal rights and obligations and explains their practical implications.

It acts as an advocate where the Team asserts the Client’ positions under the rules of the adversary system.

It acts as a negotiator seeking an advantageous result to the Client consisting of the requirements of transparent dealing with others.

It acts as an evaluator by examining the Client’ legal affairs and reporting them to the Client or the others.

In addition to these representational functions, the Firm may serve as a third-part neutral, a nonrepresentational role helping the parties to resolve a dispute or other matter (thus it acts as a Mediator and Arbitrator).

At all time, the Firm provides competent representation to the Client. For Mr. Alarishi, competent representation requires the legal knowledge, skills, thoroughness and the reasonable and necessary preparation for the representation.

Mr. Badr Alarishi always reminds the Team to act with reasonable diligence, duty of care and promptness while representing a Client. It is important for Mr. Badr Alarishi to rapidly inform the Client of any decision or circumstance with respect to the case. It is essential to reasonably consult with the Client, to keep him reasonably informed about the status of the matter, to promptly comply with reasonable requests for information and to consult with him about any relevant information, situation that can have an impact on the matter or the merit of the case.

Finally, for Mr. Badr Alarishi, it is essential to properly explain the matter to allow the Client to make informed decisions regarding the representation. All information exchanged are kept confidential.

If Mr. Badr Alarishi practices the profession of lawyer with passion and dedication, he is always driven by his personal conscience and the approbation of professional peers. This is why in his day to day legal work, he strives to attain the highest level of skill, to improve the law and the legal profession and to exemplify the legal profession’s ideals of public service, in the city of Jeddah.

When we say that the Firm practices the Law as an Art, it is because of the importance given to the professional responsibilities as mentioned herein above and also because of the high level of legal education of the Partners and the rest of the Team as well as their extended dedicated legal professional experiences prior to joining the Firm.


When the diversity of the legal education of the Partners and the legal Team is an added value

Legal ethics, values and principles combined with strong legal education allows the Firm to perform the profession of lawyer as an Art.

Badr Alarishi Law firm regroups talented lawyers who completed their legal educations in the Islamic, civil and common laww. In fact the lawyers have studied law in the most prestigious law schools in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in Egypt, Sudan, France, United Kingdom and United States of America, allowing the Firm to advise Clients on legal procedures and laws in various legal systems. This diversity of legal educations allows the Firm to be a unique Law firm in the City of Jeddah to provide professional advises on comparative laws.

Such diversity of legal backgrounds is an added value for the Firm when it comes to advice on cross borders transactions, Foreign Direct Investments or oversea personal legal matters.

Nonetheless, on top of practicing the legal profession with ethics, having lawyers with various legal backgrounds is what makes the Firm unique in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with its ability of mastering the applicable Sharia Law, Royal Decrees, Laws, various Governmental Rules and Regulations enacted in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


The Law firm of Badr Alarishi proven capability of mastering the Legal Corpus of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Badr Alarishi Law firm is frequently involved in complex trials and appellate litigations as well as major business transactions under the legal system of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Firm lawyers are very proactive with civil criminal commercial administrative and ad’hoc tribunal procedures (1), very knowledgeable on the applicable Saudi laws (2) and can advise for the registration of legal entities and/or business transactions in the Kingdom.

A good law firm is a firm that knows the legal process of a case

For Mr. Badr Alarishi a successful lawyer is the one who masters the legal process. Either for litigation, the registration of a legal entity, or for negotiation of contracts, a legal process must be followed. Mastering the legal process will always keep the Client satisfied and a step ahead. Because time is money and the Client entrusted the Firm, there is no time to be wasted in the process. At Badr Alarishi Law firm, the Lawyers are proactive in all Courts of First Instance (civil, criminal, commercial), Courts of Appeal and Supreme Courts, as well as with Administrative Courts, Arbitral Tribunals and various Administrative offices. Finally, Mr Badr Alarishi masters the Law of Judiciary (Royal Decree # M/78 dated 1st October 2007).

A good law firm is a firm that masters the applicable law

Badr Alarishi law firm is the best law firm in Jeddah because despite its ability to master the legal process by representing both Plaintiffs and Defendants in trials and appeals through the Kingdom, the legal corpus of the Kingdom has no secret for its lawyers.

The Firm can advise individuals/corporations on the applicable Saudi law in court or in a transaction.

The Saudi system of government is based on and regulated by the principles of Sharia law, which refers to the body of moral, religious, social and legal precepts found in the Holy Quran, the teachings of the prophet Mohammad (PBUH) (the Sunnah) and the various interpretations given to these teachings by Islamic scholars over centuries.

The primacy of Sharia was formally reflected in the Kingdom’s Basic Law of Government which was enacted by Royal Decree # A/90 dated 1st March 1992. Indeed, Article 7 of the Basic Law of Government provides that “the powers to rule the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia emanate from the Book of God and the Sunna of his Messenger, both of which prevail over this and all other laws of the state”. Likewise, Article 23 of the Basic law of Government stipulates that “the state shall protect the Islamic faith and shall cater to the application of Sharia”.

An essential point shall be flagged, knowingly, the judgments rendered by Saudi courts do not establish binding precedents and the principle of stare decisions is not recognized in the Kingdom. Consequently, there is no guarantee that a matter that has been adjudicated in a certain matter by a given court will be adjudicated in the same way by the same or another court as judges will decide the case based on their own interpretation of Sharia. Article 48 of the Basic Law of Government obliges the courts to “…apply the rules of Sharia in the cases that are brought before them, in accordance with the precepts contained in the Quran and the Sunnah, and regulations decreed by the ruler which do not contradict the Quran and the Sunnah…”.Since Sharia does not cater to all aspects of human activities and in order to keep up with modern life developments and requirements, the Saudi government has enacted various regulations (often based on best international practice) dealing with such matters as mutual insurance, banking, foreign investment, capital markets, companies’ formation and governance, commercial agencies and franchising, leasing etc..

The Saudi legal corpus is quickly increasing and evolving to adapt with the Kingdom Vision 2030. Therefore new rules/regulations are enacted, and regulation bodies are created such as; the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (aka SAMA) (created back in 1952), the Saudi Arabia General Investment Authority (aka SAGIA) (created by the Council of Ministers Resolution # 2 dated 9th April 2000), the Capital Market Authority (aka CMA) (created by the Royal Decree # M/30 dated 1st August 2003), the Public Investment Fund (aka PIF) (created by the Royal Decree # M/24 1971).
All those regulatory bodies, have their specific rules and regulations. Therefore what makes the Firm a stand apart law firm is that despite its capability of mastering the particular rules, and laws of the government bodies, it also masters the applicable Saudi Commercial Law (15/01/1350), Corporate Law (28/01/1437), Agency Law (23/08/1426), Distribution Law, Labour Law (20/02/1382) and Taxation Law.

Badr Alarishi law firm is the go to firm because of its way of practicing law as an Art with ethics and principles, the strong legal backgrounds of its Partners and affiliated lawyers and its deep knowledges of the Saudi legal process and applicable laws.

Furthermore, it is essential to mention that the Firm is a multidisciplinary law firm that can successfully handle an inheritance case, a labour issue and still handle the negotiation of a multibillion riyal cross border commercial transaction. In fact the Firm represents various Foreign Direct Investors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and major Saudi individuals / corporations who have commercial / financial interests beyond the borders of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.