A multidisciplinary law firm that renders legal services on various legal matters in the Kingdom and beyond its borders

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a major economic actor on the global market, part of the G20, the Kingdom signed various bilateral Treaties with many nations in the World. The Kingdom is actively part of various regional and international organizations (i.e OPEC, GCC, Arab League, Islamic Internatinal Organization, United Nations, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, etc.). Therefore various international laws directly/indirectly impact the day to day business activities in the Kingdom.

Almost all nationalities are represented in the Kingdom, this implicates multiple relations between the citizen in the Kingdom and their home countries.

The Firm being a legal expert on the applicable laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, can also advise on the United States and United Kingdom laws, European Union and French Laws as well, allowing the Firm to handle cross border legal issues, at the same time and in order to maintain its position in the legal market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a leading law firm in the city of Jeddah, the Firm sets up various strategic alliances with top renown and reputable law firms in the most strategic financial cities in the World.

A Saudi Law firm with deep knowledge on the Common and Civil Laws

The Firm represents various international companies which want to do business in the Kingdom and in parallel it represents the interests of influential Saudi entrepreneurs and Saudi companies in their quest of business opportunities around the world. 

Mr. Badr Studied Law in London UK and practiced law in the city of London for a couple of years, that makes him very familiar and at ease to advise his clients on the application of the Common Law. His associates have studied in United States, France, Egypt, and Sudan and can provide legal consultancies on any legal matter subject to those jurisdictions. 

This expertise in comparative law is an added value to the Clients of the Firm, making it the go to law firm to handle legal issues with nexus outside of the Kingdom. 

Badr Alarishi strategic international legal network

When needed and on a case by case, the Firm will use the services of its cooperating law firms based overseas.

Mr. Badr Alarishi, as a pragmatic lawyer and a strong believer of H.R.E the Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salmen Al Saud’s Kingdom Vision 2030 (where Saudi public/private entities and nationals will invest abroad and where Foreign Direct Investors will come to the Kingdom) took the necessary steps to secure the services of some of the reputable, ethical, professional lawyers across the world. Therefore the Clients of the law firm of Badr Alarishi will at all times receive the best and utmost professional legal services either in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or abroad.

For Mr. Badr Alarishi, being a good lawyer is not an easy job, it is a dynamic and perpetual profession where you have to be at your best all the time, keep your ethic very high, maintain a very high professional standard and be surrounded by the best lawyer in all legal cases, this for the Client to feel special and at sake when they walk in the Firm each and every time.